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 No matter where you are in your massage therapy career, it’s never too soon or late to learn the secrets of how to successfully be an employee or be in business for yourself as a massage therapist. To create success you must learn the skills to gain regular clientele and have the touch and knowledge, to produce a therapeutic massage every session! My knowledge and love of massage therapy, business and marketing led me to become a massage therapist mentor, a resource for massage therapists longing to create success of their own. You must have a plan, an open mind, study and take action on the things you are learning.

My first day of massage school, I knew the education was lacking something, I was craving so much more. I started staying up late studying every book, internet, and youtube I could on anatomy, massage techniques, physical therapy, and specialty work- like different injuries. I wanted more more more. Right out of massage school I was hired at a few spas right away. I wanted to try different types of practice, before focusing on my specialty. I graduated in spring and feared winter “slow season”. Three months in, I fell totally for therapeutic-deep tissue massage. I chose to stick to one spa and was their lead therapist. By November I was booked all through winter, the other therapist’s “slow season”.... No winter fear here! I had some clients that would travel to see me, if they were really far they booked me into their vacation. Something had to give, I no longer wanted to be an employee. I was ready but knew nothing about owning a business. I dove into the internet, again! I read everything I could and found some great mentors. Within a couple of months of shifting my focus and realizing what it takes, I became more prosperous as a massage therapist than I ever thought. I had finally made it!

It has been one of the most fulfilling decisions I have made in my life.  What you are about to discover will no doubt be one of the best resources along your own journey into the field of massage therapy.  I am extremely passionate about my own self growth, personal development, being a successful entrepreneur and creating a fulfilling life for myself and family.  And it’s my passion and desire to help you do exactly the same thing!

It’s now all about you! Let’s create a world of successful massage therapists together.  Being a talented and nurturing massage therapist is such an amazing gift.  You literally have the opportunity to change the world in your hands.   

  Wishing You Much Success & Happiness,


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