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Facial Cupping Therapy


Beauty and Boost Wellness


Facial cupping is non evasive and serves as a safe alternative to medication, laser, and chemical approaches.


Benefits and Relief of Facial Cupping

  • visibly reducing fine lines / wrinkles
  • softens scarring, acne, pour size
  • lifts, tones, sculpts
  • stimulates collagen production
  • enhances suppleness and glow
  • allows skin to absorb nutrients
  • reduces inflammation
  • tension / jaw / TMJ
  • headache / migraine
  • sinus / allergy
  • ear / ringing / tinnitus
  • facial paralysis
  • anxiety / depression




More About

Many healing facilities and acupuncturists have included facial cupping as an essential part of their wellness treatments. This is not new, people for thousands of years have been using facial cupping and negative pressure for rejuvenation and healing. Specially designed suction cups lift and massage facial tissue. It stimulates and drains the lymph system,  releases soft tissue, loosens adhesion, and tones the skin. The negative pressure pulls stagnant blood allowing fresh blood to flow through the skin and muscle tissues. Cosmetically "giving you an instant kick of youth." Wellness "treating many conditions from sinus to migraines." The whole process of therapy is revitalizing and has a soothing effect.

For this therapy to be effective you need a practitioner who understands facial anatomy and the pathways of the lymph system. You may use this treatment just once or make a series of appointments as you and the practitioner feel necessary. In addition to maintenance, plan ahead and make sure to get this treatment 2-3 days before an important event, for that lifted, sculpted, youthful look.


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