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Thumper is a Canadian company whose been making professional massagers for over 38 years!  All of there massagers have been engineered by Canadian Chiropractor Dr. Edward Noble. The Max Pro, is a clinical percussion massager designed for chiropractors & massage therapist to use in their practice on there patients.


Typical massagers either vibrate (a shaking movement) or are orbital (a circular motion), while the Thumper products use an up & down percussion stroke (a tapping motion), producing strong waves of energy that travel deep into your muscles — penetrating far beyond ordinary massagers. It directs the massage energy into your muscle, not across the skin surface. Deep down, penetrating far beyond ordinary massagers. Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage are increased dramatically and may produce warmth to the area being massaged. A chiropractor or massage therapist uses this tool to prepare the body for adjustment or therapeutic massage. It is used through clothing or a massage sheet on the whole body or specific areas being treated. It takes approximately 15 seconds to treat each area.


            1.  Almost immediate pain relief through local Endorphin release

            2.  Increased Blood Circulation

            3.  Increased Lymphatic Drainage

            4.  Trigger Point stimulation and release (Shiatsu action on muscle knots)

            5.  Stimulation of Parasympathetic nervous system (anti-adrenalin, relaxing and calming)

            6.  Release of Joint & Ligament Fixations (increases joint mobility)

            7. Allows instant flow to muscle spasms



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